9th July, 2019 (Tuesday)

5 p.m. MAIN HALL Registration of participants

6 p.m. MELCER HALL Organisational meeting

7 p.m. CONCERT HALL Opening Concert

10th July, 2019 (Wednesday)

Individual lessons

11th July, 2019 (Thursday)

Individual lessons

12th July, 2019 (Friday)

Individual lessons

13th July, 2019 (Saturday)

Individual lessons

14th July, 2019 (Sunday)

9.15 a.m. Meeting in front of the main entrance UMFC

9.30 a.m. Trip to Żelazowa Wola (participants get snacks and water)

12.00 Concert in Żelazowa Wola 

15th July, 2019 (Monday)

Individual lessons

16th July, 2019 (Tuesday)

Individual lessons

17th July, 2019 (Wednesday)

Individual lessons

18th July, 2019 (Thursday)

Individual lessons

19th July, 2019 (Friday)

Individual lessons

5 p.m. MELCER HALL Graduation ceremony

7 p.m. CONCERT HALL Course Participants Final Concert

20th July, 2019 (Saturday)

Check out from the hotel


*the schedule may change